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2020 Jaguar Interior technology

There is pride and joy found in driving a new luxury Jaguar model throughout Willow Grove and we are committed to helping you foster that feeling. Part of that commitment includes making sure our Jaguar owners like you know about all of the ways to further enhance the Jaguar driving experience. Thanks to the perpetual innovation of Jaguar technologies, there are always new features to elevate your drives. Discover more about new Jaguar technologies like the Jaguar InControl® suite, apps, and more below.

The Jaguar InControl® Suite

Jaguar InControl® is a suite of connectivity and entertainment technologies that make every ride in your beloved Jaguar more seamless than ever. With voice-activation functionality, steering-wheel-mounted controls, and device integration with Jaguar Apps, you stay connected with the world while you drive throughout Mainline and beyond. Choose from three different Jaguar InControl® packages:

  • InControl® Touch™ — The baseline system includes Navigation with available 3D maps, hands-free calling with a compatible phone, and driver assistance features.
  • InControl® Touch Pro™ — The more advanced system likewise offers Navigation with 3D maps, but this system comes complete with voice controls, InControl Jaguar Apps, InControl® Remote™, HD Radio, phone integration, Wi-Fi Hotspot, and a more customizable home screen.
  • InControl Touch Pro™ Duo — With an auxiliary touchscreen display located on the center console, you can see more Jaguar features and functions at once. Take full advantage of Jaguar Apps like Familonet, Voice Memo, Accuweather, audiobook access, and more.

Advanced Audio with the Meridian™ Sound System

Thanks to the partnership built on a passion for British luxury and refinement, Jaguar and Meridian™ Sound System audio technologies offer an immersive concert-like car audio experience every time to settle into your Jaguar for a drive across Doylestown.

  • Meridian™ Sound System: 380 watts, 14 speakers, dual-channel subwoofer.
  • Meridian™ Surround Sound System: 825 watts, 20 speakers, Trifield™ and Trifield™ 3D Jaguar technology
  • Meridian™ Signature Sound System: 1300 watts, 26 speakers, and the full suite of audio tech including Digital Signal Processing, Meridian™ Digital Dither Shaping, Meridian™ Cabin Correction, and Trifield™ and Trifield™ 3D

Explore More Jaguar Technology at Jaguar Willow Grove

Contact our team if you’re eager to know more about your current Jaguar model’s technological benefits, or new innovations to expect from upcoming models. We are always happy to help our Fort Washington Jaguar drivers learn about all there is to love about the luxury of Jaguar technology and engineering.

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