Hand Car Wash vs. Touchless Car Wash

washing a blue car with a pressured hose

Is your Jaguar vehicle looking a little dirty? Whether you are kicking up dust on backroads around the Mainline area, or your ride has been subject to tons of spring showers, it’s more than likely time for a good wash. Hand car wash and touchless car wash options are available, but is one better than the other? There are many advantages and disadvantages to both. Learn more about hand car wash vs. touchless car wash below from the experts at the Jaguar Willow Grove service team.

Hand Wash Car Wash Facts

When your car needs a deep cleaning, a hand car wash is best. You can do this yourself at home, or you can visit a skilled hand wash car wash service at Willow Grove Jaguar dealerships like Jaguar Willow Grove. Take a look at the pros and cons:

Hand Car Wash Advantages

  • Thorough Cleaning – A hand wash car wash means a more thorough cleaning for your car since you’re able to get into the small spots missed by a hands free car wash. Places like the undercarriage are more easily accessible and you can remove any eyesores like dried bugs on the windshield or headlights.
  • Affordable – A benefit of washing your car at home vs. a hands free car wash is that you can save money.

Hand Car Wash Disadvantages

  • Higher Costs at Specialty Facilities – You will pay more when you get your car washed at a dealership or specialty facility than washing it at home. However, if you don’t have the time or space, it may be worth spending the extra money.
  • Car Paint Could Be Damaged – Even though this isn’t a guaranteed disadvantage, it can happen if you perform a hand car wash too frequently.

Touchless Car Wash Facts

A touchless car wash, aka a hands free car wash, is the automatic mechanized car wash we loved going through as kids. Automated car washes can be significantly cheaper, but they too offer their own advantages and drawbacks:

Hands Free Car Wash Advantages

  • Convenience – Automated car washes are designed for speed and efficiency, and you can have your vehicle cleaned and looking new in under 10 minutes.
  • Easier on Your Paint – Touchless car washes are gentle on cars to avoid any damage and scratches to the exterior.
  • Cheaper Costs – Since there’s no manual labor involved at touchless car washes, the costs are fairly low.

Hands Free Car Wash Disadvantages

  • Unsatisfactory End Results – Automatic car washes are made to be gentle on car paint, which means they’re not the best at removing stuck-on debris.
  • Water Spots – Most air dryers are at the end of touchless car washes to remove stray water droplets, but they’re not always sufficient. Your car could still have water spots.

Have Your Car Washed at Jaguar Willow Grove!

If you’re searching for a reliable touchless car wash service in Willow Grove or would like tips on how to get the smell of smoke out of your car, visit the friendly service team at Jaguar Willow Grove! Contact us or schedule your appointment online today, and don’t forget to check out our unbeatable service specials to save on your hands free car wash!

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